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Shoreline Development: A Disaster at our Doorstep?

How much do you know about the Shoreline Development, which has been planned and will commence construction over the next 5 to ten years? In our recent community meeting guest speaker Chris Brady representing Landcorp provided a comprehensive overview of the development. Have a read of the slides of his presentation for further details: Landcorp presentation to South Beach Community GroupHAMCC 20 October 2017

High density developments such as Robb Jetty have a place and, in theory, pursue many sustainability goals. However, we believe there are a number of issues we have identified with the development and without addressing these we can anticipate a range of negative impacts on those moving into Robb Jetty – and us. We’re keen to share our concerns to avoid a potential disaster at our doorstep.

The scope of the development

The Cockburn Coast Redevelopment area in North Coogee accounts for 98 hectare of land between Port Coogee and our South Beach neighbourhood. The Robb Jetty Precinct, just south of Rollinson Road that is currently vacant grass land, accounts for 46 hectares of this area (including Landcorp’s Shoreline development) and is primarily a high-density residential development that will see an incredible population increase in North Coogee between 2017 and 2031.

It is estimated that there will be 5000 dwellings and 10800 residents across the Cockburn Coast redevelopment. Of these 2000 dwellings and 5000 people will reside in the Robb Jetty Precinct.  The Robb Jetty Precinct already has a number of approved developments including a five-story retirement complex and a number of large scale apartment complexes; all single resident lots within the Robb Jetty Precinct have been sold already.

The issue of public open space

In high density developments public open space compensate for lack of gardens and enable residents to play, exercise and enjoy the outdoors. We know from our neighbourhood how well-used and precious parks and open spaces are with plenty of people walking dogs, playing and having space to meet for picnics and community events.

In the Robb Jetty Precinct a total of 6 hectares is allocated to ‘public open space’ within the development. About 2 hectares have already been developed by Landcorp, with half of these functioning also as a drainage line. While these spaces will be greened, they are basically unsuitable for public use.

Stages 3 and 4 of the Shoreline development will include an additional 1.6 hectare of public open space east of Bennett Avenue by 2019. All remaining proposed public open space including the only local sports facility proposed for North Coogee is associated with the development of a local primary school. This, however, is not anticipated until at least 2024 and will only be developed when the Department of Education considers there is sufficient demand.

Public transport – what public transport?

High density developments depend on excellent active transport options for walking, cycling and public transport access. This enables commutes by other means of cars reducing congestion and the need for excessive parking facilities.

The Public transport solutions for the Robb Jetty area, is the rapid bus transfer. This service is currently proposed to be implemented by 2050 by the Public Transport Association. This will be the only public transport option available (when it becomes available) and means residents will rely on their private transport to commute for work, shopping or recreation, unless the Public Transport Authority can be successfully lobbied to schedule any service earlier.

What is the South Beach Community Group proposing?

To combat the current lack of public open space in this area, given the anticipated population and dominance of apartment living, the South Beach Community Group is currently lobbying Cockburn Council on your behalf to see the following facilities developed in North Coogee, in addition to and complementing those outlined in the Robb Jetty Local Structure Plan 2014, in the locations specified:

  1. A neighbourhood sporting reserve to be located on Bennett Avenue opposite Reinforcement Parade on Lot 2108 Bennett Avenue North Coogee. Land to include existing 1.6 hectare of allocated public open space and portions of Lot 2108 proposed for development.
  2. Public open space to be increased through removal of Robb Road from Rollinson Road to the proposed Robb Jetty plaza area; Lot 803 Robb Rd North Coogee. Green open space accessible from Rollinson Road, Robb Jetty plaza and via proposed railway overpass. Traffic to flow instead through the Shoreline development along Anchorage Drive onto Rollinson Road.
  3. Netball courts and a skatepark to be co-located on a piece of contaminated Crown land adjacent to Rollinson Road carpark on the right hand side when facing the beach (Lot 802 Robb Rd). Based on contamination levels it is recommended that this land be sealed with concrete, let’s make it useful to the public!

We are also keen to build a Public Transport Alliance, an interest group comprised of individuals, businesses and other community groups who share the vision for a more coherent and committed planning, development and implementation of public transport facilities and are keen to help lobby State Government.

If these proposals resonate with you and motivate you to become more involved, please drop us an email.

Invitation: Upcoming Community Meeting

Please join us this Sunday for our final community meeting of the year.

  • Learn more about the future development projects around our neighbourhood: We will welcome a Landcorp representative showing us the Shoreline to the south of our neighbourhood.
  • Sustainability at home: The City of Cockburn’s Sustainability Officer will share the new bin system that may affect some homes. Also, local business Pearthworms will be presenting a new worm farm concept.
  • Open Forum: bring your project ideas and suggestions to make our neighbourhood an even better place to live.

As always, volunteers helping with the set-up and pack-up of this meeting are greatly appreciated. Simply arrive 20 minutes before the event and lend a helping hand.

Community Meeting
Sunday 29 October, 3pm
The Meeting Place, 245 South Terrace, South Fremantle.

How to donate to the South Beach Community Stall

Not keen to start a sale or stall yourself, but have some old goodies that need to go? We gladly accept donations to our South Beach Community stall and all of the proceeds will go towards running future events and keeping our neighbourhood connected and happy.

How to donate: please bring your items for donation to our stall on Saturday morning. Yes, it’s that easy!

We’d like to say a huge thank you already to everyone who has already donated or let us know they’ll bring donations down. You rock!

Recap of Community Meeting on Sunday 25 June 2017

For those who weren’t able to join our community meeting on Sunday 25 June, here a quick recap with the most important information:

We presented the South Beach Community’s vision, mission and strategic focus, which we’re featuring on our website. These are a conversation starter and we’re open to feedback from neighbours:

  • As part of developing the group’s framework we now have a logo and a website after winning a grant through the City of Cockburn.
  • All projects are dependent on people’s support including volunteering, particularly for events in the second half of the year.
  • How do you feel about a potential Christmas event with decorating a tree in Barrow Park?
  • Our 40 zone will need continuous fighting as it is currently a trial and will be reviewed soon.
  • We are working on getting street light installed on Rollinson Road and improving the intersection to Cockburn Road
  • We are also keen to start a Public Transport Alliance, which will aim to engage neighbouring community groups to promote/collaborate on public transport

Update about the Nature Playground

  • We have been successful and the City of Cockburn has added $250.000 to this year’s budget to install a nature playground next to Barrow Park
  • Also check the Cockburn Gazette’s story

Dog poo etiquette

  • A number of neighbours have complained about the increase of dog poopies not being picked up.
  • as there is ample provision of poo bags and bins neighbours are encouraged to watch their dog and pick up after them.
  • As outdoor space is limited in our area it is vital everybody helps in keeping it clean.
  • Should you observe people not doing the right thing, please call rangers.

Information about the NBN

  • The NBN is now available in South Beach Area
  • You don’t need to do anything if you don’t want to change over the new network
  • Only if you own a landline, which you’d like to retain you will have to change to the NBN within the next 18 months as those won’t be connected anymore
  • Join a NBN drop in session on 19 July North Fremantle Community Hall


  • We discussed the upgrade of Rollinson Road/Cockburn Road intersection again. Please note that it is vital to report any incidences that you experience. This helps our current petitions with State Government to expedite the upgrade. If you have any near misses, please email us!
  • Questions were raised about the planned Service Station on the same corner next to the cold stores. We are currently finding out more information and will share this as soon as we know more.

Kings Square Development

  • Mayor Brad Pettitt joined the Community Meeting and presented information about the Kings Square Renewal in the heart of Fremantle.

Help us: Nature playground needs you

We’ve been speaking to councillors over the last few weeks and shared our ideas for the Nature Playground. It’s crunch time! On Thursday 22 June at 7pm Cockburn Council will decide next financial year’s budget (including the playground).

We want to use the opportunity and will be speaking during the council meeting and we do need a crowd in the audience to support us. If you’re a supporter of this idea, we’d greatly appreciate your help by simply joining the meeting.

Thursday, 22 June, 7pm
City of Cockburn, Council Chambers
9 Coleville Cres, Spearwood WA 6163

No registration required, just come along. Please be aware that council meetings run until 9pm and we won’t know what time we’ll be speaking. We hope we can still show community support by having additional attendees in the room.