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Invitation: Community Planting Event

Come and volunteer with us on Saturday the 23rd June at our community planting event. The South Beach Community Group has partnered with the City of Cockburn to undertake planting activities within Barrow Park drainage line to improve park amenity and biodiversity values.

The community planting event will be held on Saturday 23rd June from 9am-12 noon and all members of the community are invited. This event is supported by the City of Cockburn and all tools and materials will be provided. Plant selection has been based on using local native species that are best adapted to local conditions, biodiversity values and with a resilience to low watering regime.

Vegetation along the Barrow Park drainage line (adjacent to South Beach Promenade) was starting to decline and we have had much feedback from residents requesting that maintenance of the area be undertaken. As a result you have likely noticed that the declining vegetation has been recently removed. Unfortunately, more than we were advised and more than we would like has also been removed which is a real shame. We can assure you though, while it may look sparse now this is just an interim measure!

This community planting event is part of the first stage of the Barrow Park playground expansion. An update on the progress of the playground expansion will be coming your way soon!


Invitation: Movie at the Park

Enjoy a free movie: The Neverending Story on Sunday night, 18 March. 

Dinner, dessert and soft drinks will be available for purchase from 6pm, bring your cushions and chairs and get ready for the movie launching just after sunset.

  • Kamal’s Quarter Catering will be serving scrumptious paella
  • The Frying Monkey returns with steaming home made donuts
  • Coffee will be provided by The Coffee Gypsy and the South Beach Community Group’s stall has soft drinks available by gold coin donation.

In case you didn’t find a flier in your letterbox, here we go again:

Have your say on proposed bike paths

The City of Cockburn is seeking public input about creating two bike and walk paths:

  1. Rockingham Road Protected Bikeway:

The aim is to build an off-road bikeway along Rockingham Road from Hampton Road/Cockburn Road to Spearwood Avenue.

It would most likely be made of red or black asphalt with green markings at conflict points.

The exact design is complex and yet to be determined. We will look at issues like road crossing points and having separated paths protected from traffic. Ideally, it would be suitable for youngsters to seniors, or families.

BP Bikeway:

The aim is to build a bikeway from Carrington Street to Blackwood Avenue and Phoenix Road to Angus Ave/Stock Road, along the BP oil pipeline reserve.

Check the City’s website for more details and add your feedback.