2021 AGM

Please join us at Hamilton Memorial Room on the Sunday 20th June, 3 – 5pm.

Come along and catch up with your friends and neighbours, and hear about the SBCG’s achievements and future plans : including South Beach name change; North Coogee Oval; Rollinson Road amenities; Rollinson Cockburn Road intersection; Social events; there’ll also be nominations for available committee positions.

This is a great chance to get involved with our amazing community!

Hamilton Memorial Room, 435 Carrington Street, Hamilton Hill, Cnr Carrington St and Rockingham Rd.

We look forward to seeing you there.

South Beach – suburb name change unanimously approved

Quick update on the name change proposal which has been run by Alex.

At the recent council meeting on Thursday 13th May, the proposal to split the suburb of North Coogee and change the names to South Beach and Port Coogee was unanimously approved by the Council.

Alex has put a tremendous amount of work into the name change and his level of preparedness really shined through tonight. The deputation presented was fantastic and won the whole room over, councillors included.

A very big thank you and congratulations goes out to Alex and the whole committee for the support given, the effort and hours spent obtaining signatures, contacting businesses, and preparing documents.

We have a final hurdle to cross, which is obtaining approval from the Geographic Names Committee. We will provide an update on that in due course.

Thank you to our community members who have signed the petition and supported the South Beach Community Group with getting to this stage. We appreciate your support.