Invitation: Community Planting Event

Come and volunteer with us on Saturday the 23rd June at our community planting event. The South Beach Community Group has partnered with the City of Cockburn to undertake planting activities within Barrow Park drainage line to improve park amenity and biodiversity values.

The community planting event will be held on Saturday 23rd June from 9am-12 noon and all members of the community are invited. This event is supported by the City of Cockburn and all tools and materials will be provided. Plant selection has been based on using local native species that are best adapted to local conditions, biodiversity values and with a resilience to low watering regime.

Vegetation along the Barrow Park drainage line (adjacent to South Beach Promenade) was starting to decline and we have had much feedback from residents requesting that maintenance of the area be undertaken. As a result you have likely noticed that the declining vegetation has been recently removed. Unfortunately, more than we were advised and more than we would like has also been removed which is a real shame. We can assure you though, while it may look sparse now this is just an interim measure!

This community planting event is part of the first stage of the Barrow Park playground expansion. An update on the progress of the playground expansion will be coming your way soon!



  1. Cassie Green says:

    I wish we were consulted before my front yard was ripped out. Unlike many other residences, our house was built to the convenants. Living areas facing the park. That hedge provided the only bit of privacy possible, as we are not allowed to amend our fencing nor have any structures within 4 metres of that boundary.

    Even worse, the plants being used are not of any benefit to birds or bees. We had a lot of birds and bees in that bush area. I do hope if the plants haven’t already been purchased and that the wildlife is taken into consideration before it is planted with strappy coastal plants as I was advised by the council.

    I also suggest it is as thick and sturdy as it was 2 days ago, otherwise you’re just inviting more kids to run/ride through it and it will be destroyed.

    • Christina says:

      Hi Cassie,

      I completely agree and I am so sorry that you were greeted by such an unfortunate and unexpected change in your privacy and backyard vista on Wednesday. The South Beach Community Group was aware that some clearing of dead wood was to be undertaken in the drainage line to enable in-planting for the upcoming community planting event. However, we were very concerned by the removal of so many healthy plants including, as you have indicated, the Westringia sp. that made up the hedgeline. We have expressed our concerns to the City of Cockburn.

      One of the aims of the community planting day, in addition to beautifying the area with a greater variety of native plants (including Eucalyptus and Melaleuca trees and a number of flowering-shrubs), was to increase the privacy and vista of the backyards for you and your neighbours.

      And as you suggest, consultation before this clearing would have been preferable and the decent thing to do. We had already discussed the need for consultation with the City of Cockburn and the sad irony is that a letter had been drafted to you and your neighbours detailing the community planting event, but the clearing works was undertaken before it could be sent. The letter also indicates that a member of the South Beach Community Group will drop by to understand your preferences for plant species and sizes in front of your individual houses to try and ensure you are as comfortable as possible with the revegetation process. You will likely receive this letter next week, albeit a week too late.

      Through numerous conversations over the last few days the City of Cockburn has indicated that the planting of a number of more mature trees may now be required; they are planning to visit the site next week to assess. I am hoping that when I come to see you with the full species list we can work out a plan to ensure that you are comfortable that in the medium to long term your privacy, vista and the ecosystem of the area is greatly improved.

      If you would like to chat further or discuss options before our planned doorknocks please send through an email at with your contact details and we will be in touch to organise a suitable time.

  2. Maria Heard says:

    I really feel for Cassie and fellow neighbours. I went for a walk on that Wed morning and couldn’t believe my eyes seeing that nice, green hedge being ripped out. What an absolute catastrophe and by the sounds of it a complete balls up. As I watched in horror I wondered who authorised such a decimation of that area. Although the central part behind the hedge is in need of a serious upgrade, the best part of the whole area was ripped out. Why didn’t the council meet someone from the action group on that Wed morning and discuss a plan for what stays and what goes? Surely a council landscaper had input into this project. Those workers were ripping out that hedge like there was no tomorrow!
    If the council is at fault then they have some serious damage to fix, especially for Cassie and her neighbours. The fact that they didn’t receive letters informing them of this work is quite appalling. I live on Sth Beach Promenade and although not affected as much as Cassie, I still would have appreciated a heads up too. I just wish I had known that the hedge wasn’t supposed to be going as I would have insisted they stop work that morning as I was out walking. Such a shame. I shall observe with much interest at the progress of my front yard and hope that consultation is improved upon and that the final result is aesthetically sound.

    • Christina says:

      Hi Maria,
      The clearing was overseen by the Council Maintenance team. They are apparently happy with the work completed as the hedge was considered a crime risk; they just added the additional work to the deadwood removal for the contractor. I think alternative options could and should have been considered but as you say, half an hour after they started it was already too late for that. Hopefully you can come down on our planting day and help us to regenerate the area – we have nearly 2000 plants that will be going in so any help would be greatly appreciated.
      Nicola (South Beach Community Group)

    • Cassie Green says:

      The department in charge of the demolition is different to the one in charge of the replanting. I spoke to the council on the Wednesday morning but the after hours lady was unable to help me. By 8.30am when the department was available the plants were already gone. He wasn’t at all interested to hear we hadn’t been informed.

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