The South Beach Community Group INC is a volunteer run organisation, which aims to promote our neighbours’ interests; to establish, grow and improve our community’s well-being and foster recreational, cultural and arts activities. Our vision is a healthy, happy and connected South Beach community.

The group started in 2015 as the South Beach Traffic Action Group with a number of neighbours wanting to reduce the traffic speed and volume going through the suburb and ensuring safety and quality of life of those living in the South Beach Community. With additional volunteers joining our focus has grown to encouraging social connectedness and reducing isolation, improving our neighbourhood and raising awareness of a range of issues.

So far, we were successful in:

  • securing a 40 speed limit for our residential area, a first in Western Australia, for a twelve months trial.
  • adding traffic calming measures to our roads.
  • celebrating a series of social events connecting neighbours with each other.
  • securing funding for a nature playground and pump track upgrade.
  • winning grants to develop our logo and marketing.

Have a read of our strategic plan for further details on current and future projects. We regularly invite neighbours to join our bimonthly community meetings and ask those keen to help to become volunteers to pursue additional projects. Join our mailing list to find out more or contact us if you are keen to become actively involved.